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For the past 50 years, we have gathered to celebrate the lives of those who have been laid to rest. For many of those years, the church has provided a place for their cremains in our Memorial Garden. The cremains of about 90 members and loved ones are buried along the wall by the walkway alongside the administration wing. Countless others have been scattered around the cross. Names of loved ones, both those in the Garden and not, have been engraved on the cross and on panels by the walkway.

Over the years, there have been many contributions to the Memorial Garden, usually in memory of a departed loved one. As part of our 50/50 Celebration, those contributions will be added to others to create a new and expanded Memorial Garden.


Everything currently in the Garden will remain in the new Memorial garden. In addition, there will be beautiful landscaping, walkways, a gazebo for reflection and shade, and two columbaria. These features will provide two new ways to remember and honor our loved ones.

Watch the video below to learn more about this beautiful update.



A columbarium is a collection of niches designed to house urns containing cremated human remains (cremains). Inscribed with the persons’ names and dates of birth and death, columbaria are constructed mostly of limestone and serve as permanent structures in churchyards


Each niche in a columbarium will hold either one or two urns – typically for a husband and wife. The face of each niche is granite and will be engraved with the names of the deceased along with the dates of birth and death.


The columbarium project is only possible because of a very generous donation by one of our members. In order to complete the financial requirement, however, we need to pre-sell 40 niches. A niche cost $1,250. Location of your niche on the columbaria is first come, first serve. Purchasing your niche now will assure the location you want. The most important for purchasing your niche pre-need is to allow the church to complete this part of the of the Memorial Garden program. We do need to sell 40 niches.


We are all going to need a final resting place one day. If our choice is cremation, then a columbarium is the ideal place for our cremains.


Spiritual Site for Final Resting: The principal benefit of a columbarium is that it affords church members and their families the opportunity to select a final resting place in the shadow of the church which has been central to their lives – a sacred site of beauty and dignity where their loved ones can visit and meditate any time they visit the church.


Simplicity of Planning: The purchase of a columbarium niche eliminates the pressure of choosing a burial site, casket, vault, and monument.


Financial Savings: With the columbarium, significant costs are limited to cremation, the niche and the obituary.

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