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Waverly News & Updates 

On Our Way Home !!

Sending this update as we drive home after a great, and tiring, week in Waverly. Our folks did great work, made good friends, and spread the Word with our hands!  We are Blessed and able to Bless others. Thank you for the support and prayers!

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Greetings and Blessings from Waverly.  We are having an amazing time.  The churches hosting us are welcoming and wonderful to work with. Everyone in the city is so appreciative of our help.  We are working on three houses.  Our projects involve drywalling, hanging doors, electrical, plumbing, flooring, attic insulation, window glazing, hanging a shower door, building a deck, and other general repairs.   There are reminders everywhere of the flood damage.  We are all learning new house repair skills.  Many houses are uninhabitable due to structural damage.  We have the opportunity to talk with the home owners and hear their story of the flood.  We lunch at a neighboring church, where we talk with town members, many are homeless, waiting for their home repairs, but remain so upbeat and positive.  

We’ll have more in tomorrow’s update. 


Hello from Tennessee.  Today we continued work on five houses.  

We had the opportunity to tour the Church of Christ warehouse, seeing their operation to receive and issue building supplies to the work sites. We also visited the trestle railroad bridge to better understand how the flood occurred. The bridge is located 2 miles upstream from Waverly.  When the area received 21” of rain in 12 hours, debris and trees caught on the bridge, damming the creek.  The water breached the bridge, releasing a 5 foot wall of water flooding Waverly.   

We have enjoyed our fellowship and strengthened the bonds between us.  It is a blessing to work with our youth.  And a blessing to developed friendships with the Federated Fellowship Church group from Pella, Iowa that joined us on the trip.  


Have a Blessed day


FOX 35 coverage 


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